This article applies only to partners with an active MYhi Partner Provider account. If you are not a current MY Partner, have your patient share their report by e-mail or contact for assistance.

Login to your MYhi Provider Account

Make sure you're logging in via the Partner login page at

Click "Client Portal" to access the list of clients associated with your site/clinic 

When your client shares their report with you through their account settings, you will have access to their report through your client portal.

Note: Your patient will have to share their report with you first and only staff members with the role "Practitioner" may view reports.

Search your patient by name and click "view report"

The Molecular You ID is a number representing the de-identified client that is used anywhere outside the practitioner portal - for collection forms, analysis by researchers and Molecular You's administration.

NOTE: If you can see your patient's name, but don't see the "View reports" button, your patient/client has not shared their data with you yet. If you cannot see their name at all, contact for assistance

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