We take data privacy concerns very seriously and believe it's important that our customers understand how we handle personal information and health data. 

We do not forward your report or any of your personal information to anyone outside our team at Molecular You other than yourself. 

When you get your results back, it is entirely within your discretion whether to share your report with others, including your doctor, friends, or family members. 

The Molecular You database that holds personal health information is HIPAA compliant, and developed according to the principles of Privacy By Design. 

Sophisticated controls for data de-identification and audit logging for compliance reporting are employed as both our database and application are located on HIPAA-compliant Clouda servers. 

We follow the same security standards that exist to protect health information in the health care industry. 

In addition, we use AES-256 encryption to store both de-identified health data and personal details separately. To put that in context: it would take millions of years to 'crack' a 256-bit encryption even using the fastest supercomputer in the world!

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