Depending on your user role, you will have different abilities within your MYhi Partner Account. Here is the difference between each role:


  • View your client listsĀ 


  • View your client lists

  • View your client reports*


  • Add new users

  • Edit current staff and user roles

  • View your client lists

  • View and download your client reports*

Other privileges can be added manually by Molecular You support to any user role, including:

  • Ability to Add/Edit new clients

  • Ability to Purchase test on behalf of clients

Contact your site Admin to change your user role or add a new staff member. If you don't know who you site Admin is, or if you want any of the manually assigned privileges, contact

*Direct Share permission is required by the client before reports can be viewed. Refer your client to that share my data article if they are unsure how to give you access to their report(s). Only report summaries can be downloaded as a PDF

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