Depending on if you are an Affiliate or Reseller MY Partner, your clients may purchase a Molecular You package in different ways. 



If you have a designated "Landing Page" you are an affiliate partner. 

Your landing page is where your clients can go to purchase a test at your pre-determined pricing. Direct your clients to your webpage to purchase their tests. 

Here is an example landing page URL:

Contact if you are unsure what your landing page URL is.



If you do not have a designated Landing Page, you are a reseller. 

Resellers can purchase tests through their MYhi Partner Accounts at wholesale pricing on behalf of their clients. It's up to the reseller to obtain funds from their client after purchasing.

To buy a test for your client, access your client portal through your MYhi Partner Account.

If your client does not already exist in your list, click "+ Add New Client"  

Fill in their details, then click "Save Client & Return." 

At this point, the client will get an e-mail inviting them to sign up for their own MYhi client account. It looks like this:

Once your client has a MYhi account, go back to your client list and find their name in your client portal. Click "Purchase Package" next to their name.

Choose the package they want to buy and decide if Plus Genetics should be added

Click "Next." 

If your account has a credit card on file, you will be asked to confirm the order, and the credit card on file will be charged:

If your account does not have a credit card on file, enter the credit card you wish to charge the amount to and click confirm. 

Decide if you want to send a receipt to your client by e-mail. Please note they will be sent the receipt showing the WHOLESALE cost. If you wish to provide your own receipt after charging a fee markup, do not send this receipt and just click "Finish"

Contact if you are a reseller and are unsure how to create a client or purchase a test, or if you can't see the "Add New Client" and "Purchase Package" buttons.

IMPORTANT: After you order a test for your, they still need to login to their MYhi account and/or confirm their Order details before a kit is sent to them in the mail.

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