The Health Explorer Network (HEN) brings together a TONNE of information in one place. When you first see it, you may be a little overwhelmed. Let's talk about the best way to use it.

First, simply the network by and find a focus

Uncheck all your biomarker categories in the health connections menu

This will filter out all your biomarkers and let you see the bigger picture. Using the HEN with this top-down approach will help you understand where to focus your attention. In this example, now that we've simplified the network, we can clearly see our Demo Client should focus mostly on their metabolic health.

With the simplified HEN, all we see is the organ systems and your associated health risks. You can hover over every piece of the network to learn which risks are influencing each health category. 

The large red and yellow outlined circles represent your highest health risks.

Start incorporating your biomarkers for more details

If you want to see exactly which biomarkers are influencing each health risk and subsequently which organ system, re-check the biomarker categories one at a time. It's best to start with proteins and metabolites, and involve genes later. You can click each biomarker circle and see what it is affecting.

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