The Body Function Assessment web is one of the most difficult graphs in your report to interpret without a little help.

Each body function gets its own 'slice' of the web.

We use your biomarkers to determine the relative health of 11 different body functions

The height of each slice shows you the number of biomarkers tested for each body function

Every row represents 5 biomarkers. It does not matter how thin or thick the rows are. 

Only the number of yellow and red markers matter when comparing two body functions. The relative sizes/heights of each slice have no meaning.

Slices with more red/yellow than blue are the least healthy

In the list on the left, the first body function has the most number of markers out of optimal range. In our example below, the Immune System is the least healthy because it has the highest ratio of red and yellow to blue markers.

Click on each body function to dive deeper

The detailed list of biomarkers below relates each body function to its associated biomarkers. Your list is organized based on your results. The first body function on your list has the most number of markers out of optimal range.

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