The easiest way to find your forms is to navigate to Order History and download your appropriate form(s) as a Zip file. This options is only available once you've purchased your test and chosen your collection site through the Order section of your MYhi account.

When you click download, wait a few moments for the zip file to download to your computer. Using Google Chrome, you will see something like this appear at the bottom of your screen after you click Download:

Click the folder icon to see and download your requisition form(s).

Don't forget to print them!

If you cannot download your forms through Method 1, you can also download your requisition form(s) by logging in to your MYhi account and navigating to Account, in the top right of the header menu. When you click "Account," scroll down the page until you see this:

Careful! First, download the Molecular You Requisition form. Some sites (i.e. Dynacare, Dynalife, CLS) require you bring an additional requisition form that should also be visible in your account. 

If you are visiting Dynacare, also download the Dynacare form.
If you are visiting DynaLIFE, also download the DynaLIFE form.
If you are visiting CLS, also download the CLS form.

Verify that you have everything you need before attending your collection by e-mailing You need to bring the right requisition form(s) to your collection appointment. 


If you have a linked dependent account, you will need to download their forms separately. First, switch to their account and follow Method 1 to download their requisition forms.

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