Molecular You is a team of scientists, not doctors

Our reports are intended to empower you with personalized science relevant to your health, but should not replace the provision of professional nutrition and health care advice. Check out your Health Data Highlights for our scientific interpretation of your data. Our support and live chat features are available to help you navigate your MYhi dashboard and hear your feedback.

Consult with a health practitioner for more information

Detailed follow-up questions about the risks and recommendations in your report are best seen by your own health care practitioner. You can share your entire report with your preferred health care provider at anytime, or print a summary of your report to bring to your doctor.

If you would like to review your data with a health care professional who is already familiar with Molecular You reports, we have partnered with numerous physicians and clinics across Vancouver who can work through your report with you.

Find a partner clinic on our website and contact them directly for more details. 

Please note that Molecular You partner clinics are operated by Third-Party Practitioners that may require a separate fee for their consultation services.

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