There are two ways that your data is saved on the portal.

  1. Autosave - automatically saves your progress

  2. Mark as complete - you must manually select "Mark as complete" to finalize


All the entered data autosaves as you type it in. A "Saving..." cloud pops up and quickly disappears as circled below:

This ensures that your progress is saved automatically for the next time that you log-in. It also means that you may complete as much as you can, and finish it at a later date.

Mark as complete

When all of your phenomic information is entered, you have to mark each section as complete to finalize it. Scroll to the bottom of the section and click on "Mark as complete" button.

You can always go back and edit the information! Here is how:
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Enable editting". You can also "Enable Editting" form the left-side panel of the page.

Be sure to "Mark as complete" after you have made these changes.

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