Find your About Me questionnaires by clicking "About Me" on your MYhi dashboard

Click "Mark as complete" at the top when you are done with each section.

In order for us to tell whether blanks in your About Me form are intentional (or not), we need you to mark each section in your About Me form as COMPLETE. Look for the "Mark as Complete" button on the top of each section to let us know you're done with that questionnaire.

You can always go back and edit your info. 

To make changes, scroll to the top of the section/questionnaire and look for the "Click Edit to enable editing" button.

Make any changes you need, but be sure to click "Mark as complete" again when you're done

The "About me" section should look like this when all the sections are complete:

If all the sections are checked off, then you have completed your About Me form!

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